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September 12, 2005


Warren Mitofsky and Joseph Lenski announced today that their companies, Mitofsky International and Edison Media Research, will conduct exit polls for the Azerbaijan Parliamentary Elections. The exit polls will be conducted in all contested districts for the Renaissance Associates of Switzerland and will be made available to the media soon after the polls close. The election is scheduled for November 6, 2005.

Mitofsky and Edison will be working in association with the Institute for Comparative Social Research, Ltd. (CESSI) of Moscow. "This exit poll presents a great challenge because of the diversity of the country's languages and customs," Mitofsky said. "Our extensive experience conducting national exit polls in Russia, the United States and Mexico gives us confidence we can succeed in Azerbaijan."

When the polls close, Mitofsky added, "we will identify the winner in as many of the 125 Parliamentary districts as meet our criteria for confidence in the result. In districts where the race is 'Too Close To Call,' winners eventually will be identified from the vote count in sample polling places."

According to Mitofsky, the exit polls will be conducted in 1,750 polling places that have been selected using scientific sampling methods. "We expect to interview more than 100,000 voters," Mitofsky said. The vote count also will be collected in the same polling places.

Supporting this effort in Baku will be three Azerbaijan organizations: Association for the Development of Civil Society in Azerbaijan (ADCSA), Sociological Research and Socio-Economic Forecasting Center (QAFQAZ) and SIAR Social and Marketing Research Center. ADCSA and QAFQAZ will hire and train interviewers to conduct the exit poll at the local polling places. SIAR will provide quality assurance that the exit polls are being conducted in accordance with the best survey methods.

In the United States, systems development will be done by ThorTech Solutions. ThorTech will be adapting the computer system used to process the United States 2004 presidential election exit polls conducted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This very large computer system will be used for the Azerbaijan Parliamentary election. Statistical support for the generation of election models will come from Edison/Mitofsky.

About Edison/Mitofsky

Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International formed a partnership in exit polling in 1996 and have become the preeminent exit polling organization in the world. The companies were chosen by ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press to conduct exit polls and collect vote returns to project and analyze results for broadcast for every major presidential primary and the general election in 2004. Edison/Mitofsky also designed the CNN RealVote system used by the cable network during the 2002 General Election. In previous years, Edison/Mitofsky has conducted exclusive exit polling for local elections for Mayor and Governor.

Edison/Mitofsky are working in Azerbaijan with CESSI, Ltd. of Moscow. Mitofsky International and CESS, Ltd. have worked together on all Russian elections since 1993.

About Mitofsky International

Mitofsky International (MI) is a survey research company founded by Warren J. Mitofsky in 1993. Its primary business is conducting exit polls for major elections around the world. Mitofsky has directed exit polls and quick counts since 1967 for almost 3,000 electoral contests in United States, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and the Philippines. His record for accuracy is well known. "This caution in projecting winners is a Mitofsky trademark, one which has served him well," said David W. Moore, the managing editor of the Gallup Poll in his book, The Super Pollsters.

MI conducted exit polls for the Russian presidential elections in 1996 and 2000. It also polled all Duma elections. In 1994, MI conducted the only exit poll and quick count for the Mexican presidential election reported by the country's broadcast industry. Mitofsky received public commendation by President Carlos Salinas for his contribution to the election's credibility. MI and its Mexican partner, Consulta, have conducted exit polls for all governor elections since 1997 for Televisa, Mexico's largest television network. Consulta/Mitofsky also covered Mexico's first national presidential primary in 1999 and in the 2000 presidential election they forecasted the defeat of the 71 year rule of the PRI. In 1994 MI started the only public opinion poll in Sri Lanka.

Warren Mitofsky, is 71 and lives in New York City. In 1967 he developed the first probability-based vote estimating model and exit polls for CBS News and headed its Election Unit for many years. He was a founder of the CBS News/New York Times Poll. He started Voter Research and Surveys, the first U.S. television network election analysis pool.

He was president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, the National Council on Public Polls and the Research Industry Coalition. He is president of NY-AAPOR. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and is chair of the Roper Center board at the University of Connecticut. He received AAPOR's lifetime achievement award in 1999 and NY AAPOR's award in 2002. He was a fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in 1995 and was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan. Mitofsky serves as director of interactive communication research at Marist College and is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University.

About Edison Media Research

In addition to its political exit polling, Edison Media Research (EMR) conducts survey research and provides strategic information to radio stations, television stations, Internet companies, newspapers, cable networks, record labels and other media organizations. Edison Media Research has built a niche for itself by developing innovative research techniques to provide its clients with a strategic advantage in today's highly competitive media environment.

Edison Media Research works with many of the largest Radio Ownership Groups in the United States including Entercom, Infinity, Westwood One, Radio One and ABC Radio. Edison Media Research also conducts research for successful radio stations in Austria, Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. This research is currently conducted weekly in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Morocco. Edison Media Research tailors its research to the particular needs and culture of each country while using research techniques that have been proven to work throughout the world.

About CESSI, Ltd.

CESSI, Ltd. Is a public opinion and market research company located in Moscow. Mitofsky International and CESSI have done exit polls for all contested national elections in Russia since the referenda of 1993. CESSI is an independent Russian research agency with over 14 years of experience in public opinion and marketing research. By now CESSI is an institution with a staff of more than 50 people and a field network of over 1'000 professional interviewers in all parts of Russia and other CIS. Based in Moscow, CESSI has head offices in St.Petersburg and Astana (Kazakhstan), Kiev (Ukraine) and over 100 regional representatives in all countries of the former Soviet Union. CESSI can carry out even the most sophisticated research project. CESSI offers its clients not only the highest level of competence in the industry, but also a flexible personalized approach to every research project, with tailor-made studies developed on the basis of mutual understanding and thorough attention of CESSI experts to clients' problems.